Whew!….7 months

IMG_8626.JPGWell to say it has been a while since my last blog post is an understatement!

I will slowly start catching up on the last 19 months, but for now here is my sweet 7 month old baby girl… Henley Hope! She is full of spunk, too smart for her own good, but can cuddle like no body’s business. I love her to pieces!

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Today Is The Day

Driving Home

I’ve had this website for about 4 months, but it has taken a while for me to get it started. I never knew what I wanted to say or where to begin. I’m still not sure where this blog will go, but that’s the fun part!

Today is not only the day I write my first post, but also today is the day I stop worrying, and start enjoying life more. I’ve been “in a rut” far too long (maybe one day I’ll explain why) and won’t stand to be unhappy a moment longer! I feel like a light just turned on, a weight has been lifted. I’m excited to share my journey of trying to get pregnant, motherhood, my job, and my daily life.

Welcome… this is “The Only Life I Know”!

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